Extinct Reptiles & Amphibians

Here you will find out about extinct reptiles (not the dinosaurs) and Amphibians.  Learn about the 15m long croc, Deinosuchus, and giant Amphibians.


Deinosuchus was the largest crocodile to ever live.  At a staggering 15m long, there is no doubt about it.  A great amount of this length was tail, as with all crocodiles and alligators.  It also had hard, bony armour; also like all crocodiles and alligators.  Deinosuchus lived from about 80-73 million years ago.


Deinosuchus had obviously fed on meat.  It fed on almost any kind of meat that it could grab a hold of.  Fish, and even land animals such as hadrosaurs were some of those different kinds of meat that this mega croc fed on.


Deinosuchus was first discovered by a man named Ebenezer Emmons in 1858.  Emmons also studied some large fossilised teeth belonging to the giant croc.


Deinosuchus lived in North America back when it was split into three land masses.  There were lots of lakes and rivers which was ideal for Deinosuchus to thrive.


Deinosuchus was a very good ambusher.  It killed land animals when they came to drink by (like you may see crocodiles do) having their eyes just above the water.  They waited untill somthing came to drink.  When somthing did came they lunged out of the water and dragged it into the water.  It maybe even did a few deathrolles.  If it missed it would have ran out and chased it for a bit!


Interesting Facts


  • Deinosuchus had more than 100 teeth.
  • Deinosuchus also spent alot of time on land.
  • Deinosuchus would have even attacked giant land meat-eating dinosaurs such as Albertosaurus

By Rob


Koolasuchus was a giant amphibian that lived from about 112 to 104 million years ago during the creataceous period.  Koolasuchus was about 30cm tall and over 5m long and a massive skull, carrying an extremely powerful jaw.


Koolasuchus belonged to a family of amphibians called the temnospondyls, thought to be extinct 100 million years earlier...  That is until this amazing amphibian was discovered in 1989 near San Remo in Victoria, Australia.  Koolasuchus was named after the palaeontologist Leslie Kool.


At the time, Australia was connected to Antartica.  So it was pretty cold in Victoria during that period.  The reason they lived there was because the crocodiles took over the warmer waters up near the equator.  But here it's too cold for crocodiles, meaning no competition.


Koolasuchus was a carnivore, feeding upon fish, crustaceans and even feeding upon young Leaellynasaura snapping them up with their powerful jaws.


Ineresting Facts:


  • Koolasuchus could walk on land, but extremly slowly.
  • Koolasuchus hibernated during the winter.

By Rob

Siberian Scutosaurus

The Siberian Scutosaurus was a large reptile that lived in the Late Permian period.  Even though the name has 'saurus' at the end, it was not a Dinosaur.  They weighed in at about 1 tonne and travelled in herds.  Their back was covered in hard, bony plates that, later in evolution will become one large shell.  The Siberian Scutosaurus was an ancester to the Turtles.  


Siberian Scutosaurus, living in deserts, fed mainly on any plant life they found, like desert plants.  After a herd had cleared most of the plants from one area, they migrated to a new source of food.  Desert plants lacked in nutrition, so Siberian Scutosaurus swallowed small stones to get every last bit of nutrition from their food.


Siberian Scutosaurus was living in temparatures 60% hotter than those today.  They lived during the massive Permian extinction.  Massive Volcanic acivity warmed up the planet, sort of like the Greenhouse effect.  The extinction killed 90% of life on earth, it was bigger than the one that killed the Dinosaus and it took the Earth millions of years to recover.  It wasn't just the super heat to worry about, but also the giant Gorganopsid.


Interesting Facts:


  • Siberian Scutosaurus had a keen sense of smell, vital for survival in these harsh conditions.
  • Siberian Scutosaurus could go a long way without water, a crucial advantage.


By Rob


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